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What is gastroenterology?

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Over half of our body is made up of microbes that are working for us, but not actually a part of us. Each of us have our own unique microbiota. It's a lot like a snowflake. We don't completely understand this biome and our microbes have inspired a huge amount of study which has linked them to a seemingly endless list of health problems and conditions. With FMT, obesity, diabetes, autism, dandruff, alopecia universalis, diarrhea, cancer, depression, colitis and Crohn's are just some examples of conditions that could potentially be cured. Our body's bacteria boosts the immune system, metabolism, crucial hormones – and the list goes on. Anyway, it's becoming increasingly clear that the study of our microbes will have stunning potential for treatment of all kinds of things. But we're just here to talk about pooping.

Will HBOT Work for You? "Phillycrohns, on Crohn's Forum, considered himself to be in remission for over a year after completing HBOT, although he noted that an SCD diet including removal of sugar and increase in fiber could have also been responsible, ultimately Phillycrohns said that he doesn't "regret for one instance having tried it. I was willing to try and do anything in order to avoid Imuran and Remicade and these other strong drugs."